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Continuing from my previous post ( on building a basic referral program for EmailOctopus, there are few basic features that SaaS apps like Sparkloop and Viral Loops offer that really help increase subscribers to share using the referral program.

The basic features are:

  1. Current referral count with “you have X to go” message in every email you send.
  2. Basic analytics on how many of your new subscribers are referrals

Having subscriber’s current referral count and how many more referrals they need for their next reward threshold in the emails they receive can be a great reminder for subscribers to share…

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I am using EmailOctopus for my newsletter ARK Watcher ( and I love it. It allowed me to scale up to first 2500 subscribers for free and being able to connect AWS SES (Simple Email Service) to send up to 62,000 emails for free every month was essential for a daily newsletter like mine. And don’t get me started with their world class customer service! You can check them out here (disclaimer: referral link):

But, unlike Mailchimp and Convertkit, EmailOctopus does not have a robust ecosystem of solutions to support subscriber engagement activities as you scale up. One of the…

For those with no social media audience

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Now there are already millions of articles out there telling you that you can grow your email list organically with just 3ish simple steps. But it seemed like no one was really was speaking to the introvert developer like me with little to no internet presence (not on FB, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, etc).

Growing your street creds on platforms mentioned above seems to take more time and effort than actually growing your email list. For me, I just felt lost trying to navigate these social media platforms when I’ve always been a consumer of content not a creator of one…

Stan Choi

Cheapskate maker, stitching free products and services together. Digital settler. Engineer @ Rentapplication

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